About me, your experienced French language coach, host & local tour guide

Gudrun Bauer, your French coach, host and local guide
Qualified bicultural trainer for French as a Foreign Language (FLE), trained at the Sorbonne in Paris - specialising in "Superlearning" (accelerated teaching and learning) in Cologne, with many years professional experience in France. Freelance provider of exciting language holiday programmes since 1994.
B&B owner and private local tour guide based in Aigues-Mortes

In 1988, 10 years after starting my exciting career as language trainer and interpreter in the world of French & German business in Paris,  I took advantage of an opportunity to carry on my job (and life) in Southern France....  at first with various International Language Schools for big or small companies (tourism, agribusiness, craft industry,  vineyards...) and finally,  as a freelance French coach... for my own !


Since 1994, I have been offering my own learning program for the Francophile adult (learner, expats living in France, traveler...) who wants to become more confident and comfortable in the spoken French of everyday life, travel or work, thanks to an informal but very effective approach, in a very stimulating setting.

So, rather than open a language school, I preferred to create an immersive learning concept that makes you forget the word "school" from the first to the last day of your holidaystay!


Always curious to discover what makes my region of France so interesting and unique, I have spent the last 35 years exploring Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon and building relationships with locals to present to you many special places, products, communities and events which will make your "French speaking holiday" - or "theme stay" -  a real  language, cultural and human  experience!


Welcome to the friendly and unique world of my typically french bed and breakfast (chambres d'hôtes) and feel on holiday...



Full Immersion in a "French-only" speaking environment...

The easiest thing when learning a new language is to do it from a position of comfort; that is by defaulting to your own language as soon as a situation or a discussion becomes challenging... 

In your own interest I do not encourage this !

If you want to become rapidly at ease amongst French speakers ... the only way is to use French ... and only French during your stay.

You'll see: It's so easy and fun on holiday ;-) !!


My wealth of experience is gained over many, many years  coaching French to people of all nationalities, ages and levels.

I know you will reap the benefits as many others have through my "French-speaking holiday programme".


Ready to start ?