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soggiorni di immersione linguistica e culturale

Francés  en


Learning  or learned French but don't SPEAK it yet?

Spend your next Holiday in France to LIVE it !

Practice and boost your spoken French by exploring and savouring with all your five senses what makes my part of France so different and unique !


With my help, you'll immerse yourself in the French environment and culture as we experience all the Camargue and surroundings   have to offer to those who know where to look!


For those who don't relish the idea of 'going to school' during your holidays, you'll be pleased to hear that there are no classrooms here... no blackboards, whiteboards or rigid structures either ... !!!
Go exploring and develop your sense of discovery. Interact with the locals, see the sights, join in traditional festivals and local events, enjoy cultural and artistic activities or simply go shopping in the local shops and markets. Taste regional products.  Discuss your thoughts, feelings and ideas - ask and answer questions, share or defend your views, join in the local banter.  Why not do some negotiating... ?
Walk and talk, listen and try to understand, be descriptive, write your own travel report.... all in French, naturellement !
Grammar and new vocabulary will be taught and integrated naturally within this context... as part of real life!
I'll help you make rapid progress with your French fluency !
You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll learn in this entertaining and stressless way.  Your confidence will improve, you will relax and learn faster and more easily...


One-to-one or very small groups... 
One-to-one is the most intensive and effective learning program, but if you prefer, you can always share the experience with (up to 3) like-minded friends.. ideally with a similar level of French !


What level should your French be to join me ?
My French speaking holidays are suitable for those with basic French and beyond -  you'll probably understand a lot more than you can say at this stage. If you're uncertain get my (informal) level test

1994 - 2018

Youpie !!  ;-)

This year I am celebrating 24 years of my successful coaching concept "Improve Your French Off the Beaten Track".  Join me to benefit from my wealth of experience...  and, pourquoi pas, from my last minute offers