French for Expats

Want to speak French for an easy integration into our local life & culture ?


Get away for a few hours a week and plunge into the French speaking world! My speciality is cultural and linguistic immersion and I have many many years experience teaching adults to speak French. You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll learn with a tailor-made course in an informal and relaxed way by speaking and interacting, not in a classroom, but out and about in real situations. By using French ... and only French... you will develop natural language learning skills and become rapidly at ease in a French speaking environment.


From 2 hours per week, one to one or in very small groups.

Get in touch and let's design a program "à la carte", especially for you !


Efficient, informal & fun!

French for expats, French coach's training programme in aigues-mortes

Interested people living in Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Kopenhague, Bâle- Mulhouse,  Stockholm, Kopenhagen, Geneve, Basel, Mulhouse...  Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux.....

Want a short break to escape your stressful city ... or to discover our sunny part of France... while improving your French in a fun and informal way?  The solution is not as far as you imagine!



By train (TGV)

TGV Toulouse-Nimes: 2h

TGV Lyon-Nimes: 2h20

TGV Geneve-Nimes : 3h20

TGV Bordeaux-Montpellier : 4h10


By air

low cost airlines (Ryanair):

Bruxelles/Charleroi - Montpellier: 1h45

Bruxelles/Charleroi - Nimes : 1h45

Frankfurt/Hahn - Montpellier: 1h30

Bâle-Mulhouse-Montpellier 1h30

Strasbourg-Mortpellier 1h30







Paris-Montpellier: 1h30


No need to rent a car here, I'can pick you up at the airport and we'll explore my beautiful area in my car ...



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